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V-Ray 3.4 ADV for Cinema 4D + 15 DR nodes - Lizenz

Unsere Artikelnummer:8499-05L

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  • Betriebssystem: Mac/Win
  • Lizenztyp: Vollversion, Lizenz + 15 DR nodes
  • Medium: Versand per E-Mail
  • Voraussetzungen: 11-stellige Ser.# von C4D
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V-RayforC4D is a professional rendering solution for Cinema4d users, looking to get the most realistic and fastest production images (still and motion) possible when working with this specific modeling tool.

V-RayforC4D is a professional rendering solution for Cinema4d users, looking to get the most realistic and fastest production images (still and motion) possible when working with this specific modeling tool. V-RayforC4D is an industry standard and it is used by many big studios all over the world. It integrates seamlessly with C4D and it offers a very short learning curve making it also one of the most accessible rendering tools on the market.

Fast: V-RayforC4D results being one of the fastest render engines for Cinema4d on the market. Its short learning curves allows designers to master it in matters of days.

Artist-friendly: Built for 3D artists who want to create realistic images using fast set-ups and intuitive controls.

Smart integration: Integrated seamlessly into C4D and optimized to work with a vast collection of other plug-ins.

Creative control: Artists can create all types of physically-based materials/lighting with fast, flexible controls for enhanced realism and more creative freedom.

Affordability: V-RayforC4D offers versatility, speed and power at an all inclusive price that is very competitive in relationship to any comparable tool.

Key Features

  • New v-ray 3.4 core - blazing fast CPU & GPU rendering speed: With V-RayforC4D you can create realistic images using both CPU and GPU.

  • Simple usage - new full automatic sampling: Light calculation has never been easier meaning that setting up your render is now a lot faster and problem free.

  • Physically layered BRDF with new materials and shaders: Materials in V-RayforC4D can be constructed by using a very advanced system that gives full control to the artists.

  • New VFB - LUT control, denoiser & lens effects: Cut down rendering and post production times by using these new tools included in version 3.4

  • New V-Ray clipper, render time booleans & render mask: These are additional tools that speed up your workflow like ray-traced material rounding and rendered boolean operations.

  • Full MAXON hair, fur, spline and grass render support: Unmatched integration with these important C4D features.

  • V-Ray DR & full unlimited c4d cmd-line/teamrendering: V-RayforC4D includes for free 5dr nodes for distribute rendering.

  • Global illumination & accurate lights: More effective light solver calculates more accurate images.

  • Physical cameras - vr ready - 360 degree stereo cameras: Integrate Oculs and HTC VIVE in your workflow.

  • Unlimited uv‘s per shaders & triplanar mapping: Create single materials that can use more than one UV for texturing your models.

  • Proxies & instancing with shader & material randomisation tools: Handle larger amounts of geometry using less RAM.

  • New sky modes, areal perspective & faster volume rendering: Easier to implement environmental effects.

  • CPU & GPU production render & new IPR preview window: New interactive rendering tools that speed up the creation of images.

  • New extended render elements and id passes: More freedom and higher control for post production.

Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter:


Artikelnummer 8499-05L
Herstellernummer VRAYFORC4D_15DR Drucken




  • Windows 7, 8, 10 (nur 64-Bit)

  • Cinema 4D R16, R17, R18

  • Systemvoraussetzungen Macintosh

  • Mac OS X 10.9.5 oder neuer

  • Cinema 4D R16, R17, R18

  • Aktuelle Informationen finden Sie unter: http://www.vrayforc4d.com/


Vollversion, Lizenz

Anzahl der Lizenzen

1 Benutzer + 15 DR nodes


Nötig: Endkundendaten inkl. Emailadresse + 11-stellige Ser.# von C4D


Versand per E-Mail,

Lieferung nach Anfrage, Dauer 2-3 Tage

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